Evolving Beyond Chains and Pain to Embrace Your New Story

There is more to who you are than what you’re overcoming. Move forward into newness: of life with T.D. Jakes’ NEW book, “Loosed to Evolve: A Legacy of Empowerment.” For your gift of support, you will enjoy:
• A special collection of Bishop’s most impactful Woman, Thou Art Loosed! (WTAL) messages
• Practical faith keys and prayers of blessing
• Insight for catching up with your dreams
Don’t delay. Accelerate your progress, distractions, and renew your purpose!

Break Up With Your Fears and Revolutionize Your Life
God is removing the pain of yesterday, healing the fears of today, and establishing you for a bright future. For your generous gift of $150 or more, receive the complete “Loosed to Evolve” collection, which includes the:
• “WTAL: A Guided Journal for Healing & Wholeness”
• “Woman Evolve” bestselling book by Sarah Jakes Robert
• WTAL Commemorative Vision Magnets
• WTAL Homecoming: The Grand Finale! conference on digital access
• Plus, the “Loosed to Evolve” NEW book

Rebuke the enemy’s limiting lies and embrace newness of life!

Look Forward to Your Best Days!

God is helping you change your course, break dysfunctional cycles, and make peace with your past. He wants to upgrade you beyond everything the enemy has used to limit you. For your gift of support, receive T.D. Jakes’ NEW book, “Upgrade Your Life,” and:
• Make bold strides in your personal goals
• Overcome momentary setbacks
• Reveal your greatest potential
It’s time to raise your expectations for God to go beyond anything you can ask, think, or imagine!

Embrace You 2.0!
This can be your moment of unusual blessings and favor. For your gift of $110 or more, receive the complete “New You” collection, which includes:
• The “Upgrade: Me 2.0 Journal”
• The “New Creation” glass-framed art
• Plus, the “Upgrade Your Life” book
God is for you. Be bold in receiving your best life yet!

Your Guaranteed Way to Live Blessed in Every Season
God knows your desire for health, rich relationships, happiness, financial security, and more. He created you to live blessed in every area. But what do you do when you’re in the valley, enduring difficult times? Even if you don’t feel blessed, don’t let the enemy rob you of the blessings God has reserved for you. For your gift of support, request T.D. Jakes’ classic book “Can You Stand to be Blessed?” and discover how to:

  • Walk in your blessed identity
  • Survive and thrive in life’s peaks and
  • Unlock your inner strength

It’s Your Summer of Blessing
This can be your moment of unmeasurable blessings and favor. For your gift of $125 or more, request the “Summer of Blessings” collection, which includes:

  • “Too Blessed to be Stressed!” insulated cooler tote (14“ x 19”)
  • “Bless the Lord” tumbler (20oz)
  • “Wrapped in Blessings” beach towel (30“ x 60”)
  • “He’s Already Won” series on USB
  • And “Can You Stand to be Blessed?” book

Let these unique resources remind you of what God wants for you. Be bold in declaring your blessed status in the Lord!

Exclusive! 66 Tailor-made Promises Just for You

To celebrate his 66th birthday, Bishop wants to start up your faith by taking you on a thrilling journey from Genesis to Revelation with “66 Bountiful Blessings.” This new devotional amplifies some of God’s most treasured convenant promises in each book of the Bible. Don’t miss your opportunity to reduce stress and worry with 66 unique promises covering life’s common challenges. Build your confidence in what God has for you and accelerate your destiny with:

Overcome the adversity with …

  • 66 targeted blessings from the Old and New TestamentsEmpowering confessions 
  • Bishop’s insightful commentary on God’s promises
  • Powerful faith confessions to speak over your daily concerns

Are you worried about your life’s path, weaknesses, or provision for your needs? Get ready
for “66 Bountiful Blessings” to build your confidence in heaven’s premium promises.

God’s Plan for Recovering What You Lost

What has the devil stolen from you? King David and his soldiers had their homes burned to the ground and wives and children kidnapped. Yet God restored it all. Bishop examines secret gems of David’s story and reveals how you can take back what you lost in “I Have Permission.” With your gift in support of changing lives with the Gospel, you’ll receive this inspiring teaching on CD and digital access, along with the companion booklet, “You Have Permission.”

New Ways to Develop Your Creativity and Receive Spiritual Breakthrough

Struggling to figure out what you need for maximum fruitfulness? The International Leadership Summit was created for you! With your generous gift of $90 or more, receive the “Best of ILS Collection” on CD and digital access. Discover cutting-edge insight from thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and industry gurus that will propel you into unprecedented success. You’ll also receive the “I Have Permission” audio teaching and the companion booklet.

Your Ultimate Faith Bundle

Don’t miss fresh revelation of what God has given you a right to receive. Build your confidence in Christ’s promises with “The Ultimate Bible Study Collection.” When you sow your most generous gift of $150 or more in support of uplifting the hurting with spiritual and practical empowerment, you will receive:
• The Daily Bible with 365 daily readings
• Bible guide
• Bible dictionary
• Highlighters
• Book tabs
• Plus “I Have Permission” and “Best of ILS Collection”

Accelerate Your Victory Now

It’s time for you to slay your giant and receive your heavenly rewards. Using the story of David’s defeat of Goliath as a backdrop, T.D. Jakes’ inspirational teaching “Bigger Than You Think” reveals how God prepares you for big-time promotion using the small things of life. With your gift in support of changing lives with the Gospel, you’ll receive the audio and digital access teaching as well as the accompanying “Dream Bigger” guided journal.

Your Key to Faith that Overcomes

Don’t delay moving toward God’s best for you. With your most generous gift of $90 or more, receive Bishop’s classic bestselling book “Destiny.” For amplified motivation, you’ll also receive the “Unshakable Faith” prayer tin and encouragement cards. You’ll also receive “Bigger Than You Think” on audio and digital access and the “Dream Bigger” guided journal.

Overcome the adversity with …

• Targeted scriptures 

• Empowering confessions 

• Specific prayer requests 

• And more!

The Proven Way to Your Freedom

We all long for freedom. The world promises you shortcuts, but Jesus has given you the root to all of life’s best blessings through His blood. With your gift in support of changing lives with the Gospel, receive Bishop Jakes’ timeless “Are You Ready? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus” book. Discover the power of what Christ has done for you.

Your Solution for Limitless Living

Every good thing God has for you is yours because of Jesus’ sacrifice. With your generous gift of $90 or more, receive the “Eternal Life” Cross décor piece and be reminded of how Jesus’ victory over death gives you access to God’s abundant life. You’ll also receive the “Are You Ready? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus” book.

Your Ultimate Faith Bundle

Don’t settle for the enemy’s mind games. Anchor your soul in Christ’s promises with “The Ultimate Study Bundle.” When you sow your most generous gift of $175 or more in support of blessing at-risk communities with spiritual, practical empowerment, you will receive the “Ultimate Bible Guide,” “Ultimate Bible Dictionary,” “T.D. Jakes Study Accessories Kit” with wax highlighters and note tabs, and “The Daily Bible” (New Living Translation) with 365 devotional readings in chronological order. The “Are You Ready? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus” book and “Eternal Life” Cross décor piece are also included.

Dominate in your destiny with …

  • The power of the blood
  • Targeted daily encouragement
  • God’s eternal promises
  • And more!

A Surprising Breakthrough for Healing Your Soul

When God takes you through an open door, He ushers you into a new season of revelation, blessing, and experiences. T.D. Jakes’ revolutionary teaching “The Door of Expansion” reveals that your breakthrough is on the other side of God’s doors of opportunity, not in your normal comfort zone. With your gift of Too many women are not enjoying an abundant, fulfilling life; instead they’re settling for merely surviving. In his “Woman Thou Art Healed & Whole” 90-day devotional, Bishop Jakes uncovers secrets of soul wholeness by speaking to the stresses, worries, fears, traps, hassles, and guilt plaguing modern-day women. Get your copy now when you sow a gift of any size to reach people with the Gospel. Don’t allow yesterday’s shackles to keep you from receiving heaven’s goodness now!

The Remarkable Miracle Method for Increasing Your Prayer Power

Don’t let the devil deceive you into thinking God’s not hearing your prayers. Get ultimate confidence now, stop stressing, and enjoy prayer more than ever with the “Praying Woman Collection.” When you sow your most generous gift of $110 or more to uplift people in need of Jesus, you’ll receive:

  • The “When Women Pray” book
  • The “Powerful Prayers for Women” 10-card set
  • The “Woman of Prayer” mug and custom tote bag
  • AND the “Woman Thou Art Healed & Whole” 90-day devotional