Dance on the devil’s head. Breakthrough is here.

Dancing in praise before the Lord is an act of spiritual warfare. When you engage in worship, you push back darkness and overflow in God’s favor, rest, and abundant provision. Bishop’s provoking message “Dancing in the Desert” reveals how the Lord overtakes your enemies and ushers you into His sustained blessings. With your gift of support, receive the CD teaching and digital access. Discover how to dance on what once danced on top of you!

Wisdom and praise are your dynamic duo for breakthrough.

When you don’t know what to do, praise and wisdom will bring you out! The insight contained in Psalms and Proverbs has been delivering people for generations. Focusing on praise in the Psalms naturally blends into a release of wisdom in Proverbs. In appreciation for your generous gift of $125 or more, you will receive the Wisdom & Praise collection:

“Wisdom & Praise: The Psalms & Proverbs, The Passion Translation.”
“Dancing in the Desert” on CD and digital access.
• Custom “Wisdom & Praise” journal and pen set.

God’s Promises to You Never Go Unfulfilled.

Jesus wants you to come to Him in prayer, confident that all His promises belong to you. In “100 Bold Prayers,” you’ll be encouraged and strengthened through scriptural prayers and promises covering a multitude of topics. Filled with spiritual nuggets from Bishop Jakes, this guided journal will enhance your faith and prayer time with God. With your gift of support, you will also receive digital access to Bishop’s “Principles with Purpose” 4-message series to listen to on your phone or laptop, while you’re at home or on the go. Learn the secret principles behind new beginnings, God’s promises, and more!

Your Heavenly Blessings Are Coming Pass!

In appreciation for your most-generous gift of $90 or more, we want to bless you with the “Power and Purpose Collection.” God has created you with a destined purpose, and He wants you to realize the fullness of what He has for you. This special resource collection includes Bishop’s classic bestselling book “SOAR” to help you build your vision. You’ll also receive the “100 Bold Prayers” guided journal, digital access to the “Principles with Purpose” series, and the “Remembered. Favored. Loved.” summer tote bag. Request this powerful resource bundle and discover how God’s blessings are coming to pass for you!

Walking in the Favor of God

The Bible promises that God’s favor surrounds you as a shield. That means His favor is with you everywhere you go! With your special gift of $125 or more, we’ll bless you with the “Favored by God” prayer box and cards so you can record your prayer petitions and miracle answers. You will also receive the special anointing oil from Israel, the “ILS” CD/DVD collection, the “Anointed Alignment” teaching, and the “Favor for Life” 21-day devotional.

Discover the Fullness of Who You Are in Christ.

The greatest breakthrough you will ever have will come from believing and receiving your new identity in Christ. We want to empower you for breakthrough with Bishop’s insightful book “Identity.” With your gift in support of the continued spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we will bless you with this groundbreaking resource that will reveal to you the secret of living a life of purpose, peace, and power!

Soar Into Your Destiny

In appreciation for your most-generous gift of $100 or more, you will receive the “I Am” collection. It’s your time to experience the breakthrough that comes from knowing the truth about who God says you are. This special resource combo includes Bishop’s classic, bestselling “Destiny” book; the “I Am” series on CD, DVD, and digital access; the special-edition “I Am” poster; and the “Identity” book. You are more than what your circumstances say you are. Embrace your new identity in Jesus today!