God Is Revealing Greater Measures of Goodness God has secret wi

God has secret wisdom to help you overcome the ashes of your past and to give you victory in the present-day trials of your faith. T.D. Jakes’ revolutionary audio and digital-access series “Glory Revealed” will show how your success is built on yesterday’s loss and the power of childlike faith. With your gift of support, you will receive this series, as well as the “Surrounded by Favor” 2023 calendar to stir up your faith for the new year.

Marked by Blessing and Favor

Remind yourself of your blessed status in Christ. For your gift of $90 or more, receive the “Blessed and Favored” mug set, in addition to the above resources. Your life is tied to Jesus, and everything He has is extended toward you!

Release Your Full Potential

Break out into a new dimension with the “T.D. Jakes Book Bundle.” In thanks for your most generous gift of $175 or more, in addition to the above resources, you’ll receive:
• “Naked and Not Ashamed” to reveal what God longs to heal
• “Unlocked” to help you step into your moment
• “Follow the Star” for Bishop’s inspiring, personal stories
Custom set of branded bookends

Accelerate Your Victory Now

It’s time for you to slay your giant and receive your heavenly rewards. Using the story of David’s defeat of Goliath as a backdrop, T.D. Jakes’ inspirational teaching “Bigger Than You Think” reveals how God prepares you for big-time promotion using the small things of life. With your gift in support of changing lives with the Gospel, you’ll receive the audio and digital access teaching as well as the accompanying “Dream Bigger” guided journal.

Your Key to Faith that Overcomes

Don’t delay moving toward God’s best for you. With your most generous gift of $90 or more, receive Bishop’s classic bestselling book “Destiny.” For amplified motivation, you’ll also receive the “Unshakable Faith” prayer tin and encouragement cards. You’ll also receive “Bigger Than You Think” on audio and digital access and the “Dream Bigger” guided journal.

Overcome the adversity with …

  • Targeted scriptures
  • Empowering confessions 
  • Specific prayer requests
  • And more!

Secrets revealed in the story of Jesus’ birth.

There are more treasures for you to discover from the story of Jesus than you may realize this holiday season. T. D. Jakes’ first fictional Christmas novel, “The Memory Quilt,” tells the story of a grandmother who is struggling to find hope. Her life is forever changed when the story of Jesus’ life is supernaturally revealed to her as she prepares to make a holiday quilt. With 10 life lessons taken from Jesus’ birth, you will be charmed by this thoughtful Christmas story for our times.

Overflowing peace and favor in your home.

Establish a culture of serenity and goodness in your home when you receive Bishop’s popular “Model Homes” devotional and a small bookshelf lightbox, in addition to “The Memory Quilt” book. God wants to show you how your home and relationships can be rejuvenated and fulfilling. With your gift of $110 or more, start down the path to seeing God do a miraculous work in your home.

Bishop wants to help release your potential!

Prepare for next-level success! For your most generous gift of $175, you’ll receive the resources already mentioned, as well as the “T.D. Jakes Book Bundle,” which includes:

  • “Naked and Not Ashamed” to reveal what God longs to heal
  • “Unlocked” to help you step into your moment
  • “‘Follow the Star” for Bishop’s inspiring, personal stories
  • Custom set of branded bookends

A new life awaits you on the other side of God’s open door …

When God takes you through an open door, He ushers you into a new season of revelation, blessing, and experiences. T.D. Jakes’ revolutionary teaching “The Door of Expansion” reveals that your breakthrough is on the other side of God’s doors of opportunity, not in your normal comfort zone. With your gift of support to continue the spread of the Gospel, you’ll receive this teaching on CD and digital access. You’ll also receive the 2023 “Surrounded by Favor” wall calendar as a reminder of the many good things God has for you in the new year.

Request these resources and discover …

  • A paradigm shift and new levels of creativity
  • How the least promising doors can yield your greatest results
  • Why new doors mean leaving tradition for transition
  • How God breaks barriers to promote you