Bishop TD Jakes and First Lady Serita Jakes Bishop TD Jakes and First Lady Serita Jakes

You’re Stepping Into A New Dimension of Favor

Rites of Passage

Your Destiny Is Calling

God is about to cause you to cross a threshold into a new experience of favor. Bishop Jakes’ thrilling message “Rites of Passage” will show what happens when God closes the door on your past and ushers you into your future. Receive your copy of this uplifting CD in appreciation for your gift of support. You’ll also receive the ‟Destiny Declaration” cards. Get ready to embrace the new season God has for you!

Be Restored of Everything You Lost

God is ready to launch you into the fullness of your destiny and restore everything you lost. In appreciation for your gift of $90 or more, please request Bishop Jakes’ inspiring ‟Destiny Demands” art print and genuine-leather bookmark, his best-selling ‟Destiny” book, and 3-message ‟Destiny Collection” on USB. You will also receive the ‟Rites of Passage” CD and the ‟Destiny Declaration” cards. Be prepared for God’s glorious destiny to be revealed in your life like never before!

Monthly TV Offer - August 2021 - Rites of Passage

This Month’s Offer:

This month’s offer includes the Rites of Passage CD and Destiny Declaration cards, Destiny Demands art print, Destiny Demands genuine-leather bookmark, Bishop Jake’s bestselling book Destiny and The Destiny Collection on USB

From Bishop’s Desk

P.S. Your faithful support is touching lives, pushing back darkness, and blanketing the earth with the Gospel. May the peace of God keep you as His path of destiny unfolds before your eyes.

Monthly TV Offer - August 2021 - Rites of Passage

Thank you for supporting the worldwide outreach of T.D. Jakes Ministries! You are a blessing to each soul touched through The Potter’s Touch broadcast, our online and global outreach ministries, and live events. We love you and are praying for you.