Bishop TD Jakes and First Lady Serita Jakes Bishop TD Jakes and First Lady Serita Jakes

God is filling your house with glory!

Glory Revealed

God Is Revealing Greater Measures of Goodness God has secret wi

God has secret wisdom to help you overcome the ashes of your past and to give you victory in the present-day trials of your faith. T.D. Jakes’ revolutionary audio and digital-access series “Glory Revealed” will show how your success is built on yesterday’s loss and the power of childlike faith. With your gift of support, you will receive this series, as well as the “Surrounded by Favor” 2023 calendar to stir up your faith for the new year.

Marked by Blessing and Favor

Remind yourself of your blessed status in Christ. For your gift of $90 or more, receive the “Blessed and Favored” mug set, in addition to the above resources. Your life is tied to Jesus, and everything He has is extended toward you!

Release Your Full Potential

Break out into a new dimension with the “T.D. Jakes Book Bundle.” In thanks for your most generous gift of $175 or more, in addition to the above resources, you’ll receive:
• “Naked and Not Ashamed” to reveal what God longs to heal
• “Unlocked” to help you step into your moment
• “Follow the Star” for Bishop’s inspiring, personal stories
Custom set of branded bookends

Monthly TV Offer - December 2022 - Revealed

This Month’s Offer:

This month’s offer includes “Glory Revealed”; the “Surrounded by Favor” 2023 calendar; the “Blessed and Favored” mug set; and the “T.D. Jakes Book Bundle,” which includes: “Naked and Not Ashamed,” “Unlocked,” “Follow the Star,” and a custom set of branded bookends.

From Bishop’s Desk

P.S. Your giving is changing at-risk communities and uplifting lives with the power of the Gospel. Thank you for being a true soldier for the Lord

Monthly TV Offer - December 2022 - Revealed

Thank you for supporting the worldwide outreaches of T.D. Jakes Ministries! You are a blessing to each soul impacted through The Potter’s Touch broadcast, our online and global outreach ministries, and our live events. We love you and are praying for you.