Bishop TD Jakes and First Lady Serita Jakes Bishop TD Jakes and First Lady Serita Jakes

God Is Taking You from Emptiness to Overflow!

Receive the Overflow

Prepare for a Visit from the God of the Overflow.

God is ready to fill every void in your life. Bishop Jakes’ new series Receive the Overflow reveals how God is attracted to your need and how He takes you from emptiness to overflow. Receive your copy of this uplifting 2-CD series in appreciation for your gift of support. You’ll also receive the Summer of Blessing Journal. God is ready to multiply you beyond what you can ask, think, or imagine!

You Are Positioned to Receive Favor.

God wants to lead you to a place of favor and blessing. In appreciation for your gift of $90 or more, please request Bishop Jakes’ inspiring CD/DVD series Positioned for Favor. As a “thank you” for your generosity, you will also receive Bishop’s best-selling book The Great Investment to show you how to build a balanced and rich spiritual life. We’ll also send you the Summer of Blessing Journal and the Receive the Overflow 2-CD series. God is ready to take you to new heights this summer!

Monthly TV Offer - June 2021 - Overflow

This Month’s Offer:

This month’s offer includes the Positioned for Favor CD/DVD series, The Great Investment – book, the Overflow two-part CD series and the Summer of Blessing journal

P.S. Through your generosity, you are joining with Serita and me to keep sending the Gospel of Jesus to the lost and hurting around the globe. May the God of increase and overflow set up residence in your home. Be blessed!

Monthly TV Offer - June 2021 - Overflow

Thank you for supporting the worldwide outreach of T.D. Jakes Ministries! You are a blessing to each soul impacted through The Potter’s Touch broadcast, our online and global outreach ministries, and live events. We love you and are praying for you.