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Secrets revealed in the story of Jesus’ birth.

There are more treasures for you to discover from the story of Jesus than you may realize this holiday season. T. D. Jakes’ first fictional Christmas novel, “The Memory Quilt,” tells the story of a grandmother who is struggling to find hope. Her life is forever changed when the story of Jesus’ life is supernaturally revealed to her as she prepares to make a holiday quilt. With 10 life lessons taken from Jesus’ birth, you will be charmed by this thoughtful Christmas story for our times.

Overflowing peace and favor in your home.

Establish a culture of serenity and goodness in your home when you receive Bishop’s popular “Model Homes” devotional and a small bookshelf lightbox, in addition to “The Memory Quilt” book. God wants to show you how your home and relationships can be rejuvenated and fulfilling. With your gift of $110 or more, start down the path to seeing God do a miraculous work in your home.

Bishop wants to help release your potential!

Prepare for next-level success! For your most generous gift of $175, you’ll receive the resources already mentioned, as well as the “T.D. Jakes Book Bundle,” which includes:

  • “Naked and Not Ashamed” to reveal what God longs to heal
  • “Unlocked” to help you step into your moment
  • “‘Follow the Star” for Bishop’s inspiring, personal stories
  • Custom set of branded bookends

Monthly TV Offer - November 2022 - The Memory Quilt

This Month’s Offer:

This month’s offer includes “The Memory Quilt” book; the “Model Homes” devotional; a small bookshelf lightbox; and the “T.D.Jakes Book Bundle,” which includes: “Naked and Not Ashamed,” “Unlocked,” “Follow theStar,” and a custom set of branded bookends.

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P.S. Your generous giving is spreading peace, hope, and deliverance to those in need. Serita and I thank you for being a blessing.

Monthly TV Offer - November 2022 - The Memory Quilt

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